HTC Desire 10 Pro 'Explosion' That Burnt a Woman's Hand Is Being Investigated by the Company

When one hears of a smartphone exploding, the first thought that occurs to us is of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 – a fact that’s telling of just how much the product recall and its aftermath pervaded both daily life and popular culture. Now, a new isolated incident has come to light involving a smartphone by HTC. Earlier this week, a woman on Facebook announced that her HTC Desire 10 Pro exploded, burning her fingers. HTC says it’s investigating the customer’s report.

Making the claim in a Facebook photo earlier this week showing a bandaged hand, Nidhi Kapoor said her ‘HTC 10’ exploded on June 21. She added that the smartphone was not on call or charging when it exploded.

Gadgets 360 contacted HTC for comment, and were provided the following statement, “HTC is aware of the customer’s report and we are working to investigate as quickly as possible. As always, our customers’ safety is a top priority.”

HTC Desire 10 Pro 'Explosion' That Burnt a Woman's Hand Is Being Investigated by the CompanyThe Taiwanese smartphone maker also clarified that the smartphone in question was in fact an HTC Desire 10 Pro – not an HTC 10 as Kapoor wrote – and that the incident occurred outside of India.

Kapoor in her Facebook post goes on to say that HTC didn’t provide her with a satisfactory response in the time between the incident and the revelation, alleging the company repeatedly asked for her email ID and the smartphone’s IMEI number. Let’s wait and see how this case unfolds.

The HTC Desire Pro was unveiled in September last year, and made its way to India in November.

The devices we carry around in our pockets and hold to the side of our faces are not immune to mishaps, and some of these can be disastrous. Smartphones (and pretty much most modern portable electronics) bear lithium-ion batteries, which, if improperly handled, can catch fire and even explode. There’ve been numerous cases in the past, and as we mentioned, Samsung was caught in the headlines this past year thanks to the Galaxy Note 7’s explosive battery.