7 Modern Saree Blouse Designs Women should have in Wardrobe

Saree is one of the most wonderful and expressive costumes of woman’s femininity. No matter how gorgeous your saree is, only when you team it up with a designer blouse, your apparel will look glamorous. To look ultra-stylish, women today are opting for innovative, contemporary and fashionable blouses which not only define their style, but also induce confidence and comfort-ability. Here are few saree blouse designs we believe every woman should have in her wardrobe:
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High Neck Blouse

High neck blouses look classy and add a charm to your sarees. They are very well in fashion today with women of all age groups. In addition to this design, you can add several patterns such as high neck net blouse, backless high neck blouse, full sleeves high neck, designer high neck, and halter high neck blouse. If you love to flaunt your glamorous saree or designer dresses online for girls, do it so with high neck type blouses since it defines elegance.

Backless Blouse

If you want to try out a sensuous look, then you must go for backless blouses. The backless blouses are really stylish and can make one look alluring. It even makes you flaunt your skin. A combination of neck style and back pattern will give you a perfect look. You have different patterns in addition to backless blouse to select from such as lace backless blouse design, beads backless blouse design and the high neck backless blouse designs.

Boat Neck Blouse

Boat neck blouse designs are one of the latest in the market which gives you an extraordinary and sophisticated look. The neck portion and the back portion of the blouse have the same cut. You can either team up a simple saree or a party-wear saree with a boat neck blouse. It can be worn by anyone irrespective of age or body type. You can add several designs to your boat neck blouse to make them look classier such as full work boat neck, cut work, off shoulder boat neck with full sleeves, etc.

Tie-Up Blouse

Tie-up blouse back neck designs give a very attractive look and let you flaunt your sexy back. This tie-up pattern gives you a perfect fit as you can either loosen it or tighten it as per your convenience. The different patterns such as the square back tie-up pattern, the U- shaped back blouse tie-up pattern, the high neck tie-up blouse, princess cut neck blouse tie-up pattern, and boat neck tie-up pattern. All these can be added to your design.

Halter Neck Blouses

Halter neck blouses are the best blouses to team up with your sarees which can enhance your saree’s appearance and give you an elegant look. It embellishes your look to give you a new fashion sense. There are designs such as half puff sleeved halter neck, backless tie-up halter neck, and the net fabric halter design that you can try out.
Designer Blouses with Artistic Sleeves Patterns
With various combinations of blouses trending remarkably, blouses with artistic sleeves has made its way to popularity. There are a variety of designs with artistic sleeves you can choose from such as cap sleeve designer blouse, jacket style sleeves, black transparent net sleeves, and mirror work embroidered sleeves.

Mirror Work Blouse Design

The mirror work design is gaining back reputation by combining the traditional culture with the modern chic fashion. Design it up with full sleeve mirror-work blouses, all over mirror-work sleeveless blouse or high neck light-work blouse and people will notice your elegance.

Final Say

A blouse should not only complement your saree but also your personality. With so many blouse designs available, it is very important that you select the one that suits your body type. Always go for the design which also enhances your look.