A Smarter Way for Dealerships to Generate Leads

Consumers are changing the way they shop for cars, and dealerships need to adapt. Traditionally, people would spend the weekend driving from lot to lot, “kicking the tires,” asking about prices, and choosing between makes and models. Today, the majority of consumers’ research is done online, and increasingly on mobile devices. That means it’s more important than ever to reach out to prospective customers while they’re online. One of the best ways to reach out early on in a consumer’s research phase it to engage them with a live chat window on your website.
Your salespeople don’t necessarily have the time to talk to the people browsing your website, but a third party customer service company can offer you a wide range of solutions. But don’t be content with just a call center and live chat support – one lead conversion company, the Florida-based Gubagoo, has integrated intelligent technologies into its online support platform. They work with car dealerships across North America, generating leads out of otherwise anonymous web visitors.
Behavioral intelligence and online agents interrupt the web research experience and open a relationship with prospects early on in their shopping experience. By scoring visitors based on their navigation through your site, intelligence systems separate serious prospects from first-time browsers simply dipping their toe in the water. Armed with information on your stock, online chat consultants can then make smart recommendations that will convert browsers into leads. There’s more to learn about the art of using your website to convert leads, just check out A third party company will maximize your lead conversion by reducing the number of opportunities you lose at your web page.
In a report from AutoTrader, it was found that Millennials are very reluctant to change their minds about make and model once they’ve reached their decision. However, they spend on average 2 hours more than older shoppers researching and making that decision. Millennials are becoming the largest demographic of new automobile buyers. If you want to sell to this growing demographic, here are some of the things you need to know about how they shop:

  • Newspapers and television are obsolete media for this generation; two-thirds report that newspapers were not helpful at all in their search
  • Nearly half of them use smartphones to shop; by 2020, 80 percent of all automobile buyers are expected to use mobile devices in the process of buying a car, and in fact, many people already use them while they’re on the lot
  • As smartphone use increases, laptop use is actually falling

If you want to connect with Millennial shoppers, you could benefit from a third party lead converting company that knows how to engage on their preferred platforms. For example, a strategy used by Gubagoo involves mobile-specific promotions and connecting with users via text message. That means dealerships can follow up on the media most used by a growing demographic of car buyers.
In order to stay on top of the changing habits of car consumers, your dealership needs to engage with customers online and on their smartphones.