A Look at Email Marketing Through GetResponse

GetResponse is touted to be one of the best email marketing services in the Internet pool. Its user-friendly interface, multitude of tools and attractive pricing for designing and initiating e-newsletters to customers is commendable and we would shed some light on its key features and the related usability.
One of the best features of GetResponse has been the Autoresponders. These are automated newsletters that are sent to subscribers based on a specific time slot the user sets to its mailing list. Things like “Welcome message”, “Happy birthday” are a few examples of how autoresponders help in communicating to subscribers. Furthermore, GetResponse classifies its autoresponders into time-based and action-based messages. Time-based are purely based on the instant at which the message should be sent whereas action-based messages focus on triggers on part of the user like clicks, completed transactions, profile editing etc. We believe that it is a very formidable USP of the service.
A brilliant landing page creator!
Many email-marketing services do not offer this feature hence it is definitely one of the strong points of GetResponse. The landing pages help in visually attracting subscribers to one’s website and generating more leads as compared to posting simple, banal links. However, few limitations like inability to do A/B testing and the limit of displaying the landing page for only 1000 times a month might not go down that well for users.
Add those analytics!
GetResponse has some really cool features when it comes to integrating analytics with email marketing. Features like segmenting subscribers based on whether they engaged with the email or not and sending them different versions overtime to boost click-through rate are pretty convenient, we would say. One can also track when subscribers respond to the e-newsletters and thus use autoresponders feature to coordinate the dispatch of emails to boost conversion rates. It also boasts of a good “Split Testing” functionality that many of its competitors do not provide.
The 30-day free trial
The 30-day free trial is pretty attractive for anyone to get his or her hands dirty. Moreover one doesn’t even need to provide credit card details. Just use the service to your heart’s content for a month and discover its comprehensive features!
It is definitely priced at the lower end when compared to its competitors and has a host of features. The email templates are aplenty and one can tweak them to one’s will. The emails can be responsive and one can separately create mobile versions of e-newsletters also. The landing page creator is one key USP, very distinct from what others have to offer. The best part is all this can be discovered by using the service for a month for free without the hassle of entering credit card details! And if there’s any problem, their customer support is comprehensively covered; with the presence of email, live chat and a support helpline.