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Why new homes are a better choice for some buyers

Bangalore is a city which has seen staggering development in the last decade. It used to always attract people due to it cool climate, a host of top notch educational institutes. But after becoming an Information Technology (IT) hub, the employment rate here has increased. People from all over the country have moved here for jobs and now like every other metropolitan city, it has become crowded. The huge influx of people into the city has created a great demand for housing and of course like in every other city in India, the housing prices here have sky rocketed.  Real Estate Bangalore is booming. There are a plethora of housing options available. Developers are always constructing new buildings and we also find people selling their old homes. Some people are happy buying older homes while others prefer new constructions. Let’s look at some of the differences between old homes and new homes and why new homes are a better choice for some buyers.

Today’s style- The biggest advantage of newer homes is that they have been built in accordance with today’s lifestyle. Walk-in closets, larger bathrooms, eat-in kitchen, storage spaces, work rooms; large balconies etc are some of the features of modern design. Most of the older homes that were built between the 1920’s and early 2000’s don’t have these features.  So if you are looking for these modern features in your house, new homes are better for you.
Customizable- Most older homes came with a definite set of things and all the houses has the same flooring, paint, fans, circuitry etc. When buying new homes now you can chose from a lot of options and customize it according to your likes.  Flooring, Painting, Table tops, Lighting, other fixtures as well as landscaping can be customized according to the buyers wants. Some features come as upgrades and the buyer will have to pay an additional amount for that. But in the base package itself one has lost of customizability options that won’t cost the buyer anything extra.  One lacks this flexibility with older homes.
Energy Efficient- New homes are built using construction materials that are energy efficient. They adopt various technologies including the solar technology, which is good for your environment as lower utility bills for us. Lower utility bill every months means, you end up saving lots of money over the years. If you are buying new homes look for the energy efficiency features.
New technology- New homes come with the latest technology built in during construction like alarm systems, security cameras, Cables for Wi-Fi etc. This means you don’t have to dig holes in your walls later. In case of older homes you have to install these technologies later bearing extra costs and also damage to the house because of drilling etc.
Less maintenance and repair- Another main advantage of newly constructed homes is that you don’t have to spend money for maintenance or repair. Everything is new so it will work perfectly for the next couple of years freeing you from all tension and financial burden. With older homes thinks fall apart often and one has to sell chash frequently for repairs.
Easier on you- Most new homes come with things all built in. So you avoid the headache of renovating the house and fixing things, while you live in the house. Apart from the financial burden, these things can be physically and mentally taxing. With a new home, once after purchasing, you are able to relax and enjoy your new home.
There are both pros and cons to a new home. It all depends on your preferences. If you think the above mentioned points are deal breakers for you, then its best to go for a new home.