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Steps to Download Dailymotion Videos using Movavi Screen Capture Studio

Among all the video sharing websites, YouTube tops the charts. It is certainly the handiest, easy to use / access and user-friendly website which has a fantastic interface offering access to thousands and millions of videos that are played and recorded online.
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As a popular video sharing website, Dailymotion has also emerged as another alternative which is worth giving a try. It is a French website which enables the users to upload videos, view the same online as well as enable sharing them with close friends and family. It is reviewed as a fabulous platform which comprises of a convenient system of channels and playlists and assists the users to arrange videos that have similar content posted into varied groups.
Many users have found Dailymotion at par with YouTube whereas some stated the advantage of it having superior video than YouTube. So in case you are looking out for a platform on which you can watch HD videos,  and convert  MOV to MP4 you must check out Dailymotion.
Taking this forward, there will be a query as how one can record these videos conveniently using a software. Movavi Screen Capture enables the users to save Dailymotion videos by making few simple clicks. This powerful screen recorder enables the users to trace hard to find videos, watch them online, and download the same for future viewing. This easy-to-use application facilitates watching these movies, ripping songs from the web, and capturing any action happening on the screen. Further, using Screen Capture Studio Program from Movavi, users have the option to convert Dailymotion videos into other formats to be viewed on different devices. Enlisted below are simple steps that can be followed to download videos from online sources:
Stage 1: First step requires downloading Movavi Screen Capture Studio on your computer. Simply open the installation file and download the same by following the on-screen instructions.
Stage 2: Next comes the stage of adjusting the Recording Settings – Download MovaviDailymotion downloader. Followed by this locate the Dailymotion video that you wish to copy on your hard disk. Now, adjust size of the yellow frame and drag it to the position of video that you wish to capture. In place of this, you can select the preset frame sizes from Select Capture Area list.
Stage 3: Goaheadand save Dailymotion videos – Select the REC button and get set to play the video. This program hands out five seconds to the user to prepare the downloading process. Users can also initiate / control the capturing process by clicking on the Pause, Cancel, or Stop buttons featured on control panel.
Stage 4: Lastly, you can now save the Recorded Video – Screen Capture Studio is an advance program which enables the users to save these files in distinct media formats such as FLV, MP4, MKV, GIF, etc. It also serves as a handy converter. Select Video and audio formats available in Save as list, make a selection of your desired format and save the video.